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Take as much time as you need to reinvent/relaunch yourself. Apps are constantly updating to give you the best product, why can’t you give yourself the opportunity to constantly improve too?

Dara Lorianne (LP)

Born and raised in Grenada, but a citizen of the world! I love getting the opportunity to experience each day so that I can create positivity. I am a(n) Analytical Chemist, Blogger, Philanthropist, Activist. (Fun, Food, Travel, Nature, Book) Addict!

I’m an Analytical Chemist by day, an adventurer and a writer all year round. I started writing as a child and it just grew from there. Even though I was a science major I always had a passionate for literature and creative writing courses. I love the way I feel when I write, I create magic whenever I release my thoughts, so I created this space to share the magic. Hopefully, my writing will inspire someone to grow and achieve destined greatness.

I have a passion for volunteering as I grew up partaking in extra-curricular groups which focused on activism. I now strive to create a safe place for others to be their most authentic self as that is the blueprint to attaining your goals.

Thank you for believing in me. I hope you enjoy these creations as they inspire you to complete something off your bucket list. This is an area for growth!

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