Like Nike (Just Do it!)…

Setting goals makes you super organised, but what about accomplishing them? Believe it or not, growing up, I was THE MOST reserved person ever. I was, indeed, my father’s daughter. I would sit alone, lost in my thoughts for hours because I thought my opinions were best kept to myself. I became more withdrawn as a result and didn’t think anything was worth saying, anymore. Eventually, I started feeling this weight, I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I kept going.

There was this one instance where I wanted to partake in a queen show, I thought about it to the point where I got the application but never submitted it. I was so consumed with fear of the unknown I never thought about how I would feel when I accomplished it. After that, all I had were these “what if” thoughts, playing different scenarios in my head to comfort myself. I realise I spent more time conjuring alternate realities than actually accomplishing the goals I wrote down ages ago. I didn’t know when it happened, but I became stuck in this web of regret, and the entanglement was becoming overbearing. I started to lose myself, and to me, that was worse than having regrets. I realised my mental health would be much better if I just did it because at the end of the day I would prefer to have memories keep me company in my old age.

I have to say becoming a doer is hard work. There were so many challenges to overcome, yourself being the biggest hindrance. I started making my lists (and checking it twice cause I was scared of the change) but eventually I started to slowly do it because it wasn’t fair to treat myself this way. So guilting myself into doing stuff helped; however, when I got scared, I wanted to give up, I had my friends on my case to remind me of my excellence! To my fantastic support system, I SALUTE YOU! I also realised that I was human, and I needed to understand life doesn’t like listening to you. You may intend to do something once, but you end up doing it five times with minimal success, and one day, it will just click, and the cogs will all align.

After a massive introspection, I pinpointed my major weaknesses were lack of patience, lack of consistency and fear of failure. I realised that these things were keeping me back because I would overthink about the failed outcomes before I got started then when I got started life would swoop in and shake things up. So I would be frustrated (lack of patience) and give up (lack of consistency). Never thought I would here now, but it’s all good so far. I think it’s always essential to keep your plans flexible to save yourself from having massive disappointments.

Now, taking the time to know myself was the best thing I ever did for myself. I realise that I am alive, so expect the unexpected, and I’m so prepared. Making plans helps you significantly but allowing wiggle room makes you saner, also, believing in your potential is the greatest gift you can give yourself to cope with the changes in life. Now with all of these things, I just set goals and do it.

I saw this quote that said, the answer would always be no unless you ask. I have been asking, and things have been happening. I have become more outspoken, very assertive, started doing solo travelling, working on a few collaborations and continuously trying to learn something new each day. So my challenge for you is to do some introspection, make that list and be like Nike!

2 thoughts on “Like Nike (Just Do it!)…

  1. Absolutely! For me, I have become frustrated overthinking things & leaning on my own understanding. I needed these words of encouragement because I too struggle with this. Sending love D!

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