When you finally found the voice you were looking for…

I have a voice and it works well, quite well actually. 

I have heard people say you have a nice voice and you should speak more… 

I never thought I did and the words which I uttered bore no significance because it was connected to my brain. 

A brain which stored such important memories. 

Produced such provoking insight. 

Calculated countless algorithms. 

Conjured alternate realities so I would cope with this current plane. 

But somehow with all its greatness, 

there is a failure to transport data to be analysed by others. 

It’s a shame really, that I didn’t do it or maybe couldn’t because the sneers of fear prevented me.

All I could feel is paralysis with a thick fog of doubt and confusion. 

I remember it like yesterday, 

the first attack left me so weak that I couldn’t even remember the feeling I had which inspired the manifestation of the idea. 

I would only feel sadness and regret because I allowed myself to fall under the spell. 

I really tried to fight it off at times, but it was as if it copied my action plan and convinced my army to betray me. 

I would fight hard until my army left and I was stuck in checkmate for the umpteen time. 

I did succeed at times to manoeuvre through the traps, 

I would be so weakened that all I could muster was a peep. 

It wasn’t loud, only heard by the passing wind, but to me, that was a sign of victory.

If I could do it once, I could do it again. 

Maybe if I stood up to them a bit more, 

it would resonate that they were the illegal aliens pillaging my being. 

I confronted them more and it was difficult. 

It had appeared that they were so comfortable with their stance that they were brainwashed in believing they were there first and, I, the visitor. 

I, however, knew my roots and being grounded helped me stand firm for battle. 

I stood firm, I used my feelings to weakened the competition. 

My thoughts now travel freely without being tolled. 

I realise magic happens when my words are manifested, why would anything be against that? 

During low tides and my defences are low, they were strengthened enough to attack. 

Even though victorious, I feel the damage as there are breaks in my delivery with the presence of a low frequency. 

Now that I know their plan, I send my army ahead to neutralise them. 

They work quickly because they know the effect of my words on the world. 

They always knew the level of greatness that spewed from my being but gave up at times due to my inability to see it. 

I’m glad that they helped me realise this beauty. I feel. I think. It flows. I speak. 

You would never imagine it would be this hard to speak, 

but anything that appears easy always has a production team powering through to make the show happen.

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