Overcoming the Job Experience…

During my scroll on social media, I found a post which explained how to motivate yourself during your valley times. The post said to write all accomplishments and put them in a box then wait until the end of the year to read them. The first year I started it was mid-year, so I only was able to do six months. However, based on the stuff I accomplished, I was proud of myself. The following year, I did the same thing; I even wrote all the things I would take for granted. For instance, I wrote about how “I woke up today unharmed” or “I made someone smile today”.

One day I was feeling the worst, and I felt the need to read through them. It was the most exhilarating experience. I realised I was starting to take myself for granted and it was not a good thing. I always say “you never notice your growth because you are always with yourself, so everything appears to be gradual.” That’s why doing this exercise is essential; you are aware of all the moments in your life.

This is also an excellent way to build a relationship with yourself as you become your cheerleader. During these writing exercises, you are forced to dig within yourself to find the right things. Anything you think isn’t an accomplishment; you should write it down because I noticed that we always downplay ourselves. If you genuinely have no achievements to write, then you aren’t doing enough. You shouldn’t aim to live the same life for the rest of your life. Start creating waves to create a domino effect. Start doing little things to change your mindset then you will be able to handle the big stuff. It is so easy to say “I can’t”, but have you ever thought about thinking “can I?”

This will force you to figure out how to accomplish any task. Even if you weren’t successful, you tried. That counts towards something different you can write down. If this exercise isn’t enough, then you need to get friends “who got you!” They would be the one(s) who would tell you the truth no matter what. Who would continuously remind you of how amazing you are, because sometimes you need to see your life through someone else’s lens.

Always remember, don’t forget you shouldn’t be hard on yourself!! You don’t know everything, that’s why you are on the earth, so try to absorb everything. Try the exercise and let me know how it goes!

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