Purpose Achieved or Purpose Unfilled…

Recently I have been drawn to writing stuff, hence the birth of the blog; I always got this nagging sensation to write words down. If I didn’t do it, I just saw words replay in my mind until I wrote it down. The night before I started writing about this topic, I recited the words for this post. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was between sleep and wake, but it just flowed. To me, when it comes to writing; the words are released so quickly. When something happens so naturally, that’s your calling, and you should do it.

We become distracted by these shimmering things of the world that we lose our qualities. We forgot about all the things that we loved doing as a child and get caught up in the monotony of adult life. Don’t forget how amazing you are! Don’t forget that your life is a purpose waiting to be fulfilled!

I think the worst thing a person can experience is a life without purpose. You get all these jobs, and you become bored quickly because the “honeymoon phase” is over and you are on autopilot again. As adults, we get jobs because of financial commitments, and we allow it to consume us. Consume us to the point where we lose ourselves and count down the days until we are temporarily released from its stronghold. Let’s find time to work on hobbies so we can find our purpose.

We deserved to be happy in this life; that should be your definition of happy. This may be running home to sleep, dancing, painting or volunteering. Don’t let society’s standard of happiness keep you searching for more. Everyone has quirks; understand them, nurture them and make them blossom because these are the tools that would help you find your purpose and lead you to your tribe.

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