The Value of Synchronicity..

We encounter so many signs and we ignore them or label it as ‘deja vu’. Have you ever thought about the significance of these occurrences? These signs/symbols come into our lives to direct us on to our intended path. We become so distracted by all the glamour of this world that we forget our link to the universe. We are meant to experience things with full authenticity but being honest with ourselves has become a foreign notion.

We are blessed with so much intelligence, yet we are contented with being told how to experience life. Choose creativity every time you are faced with an option and you will find yourself. It’s ok to get to know yourself, It’s ok to unleash your potential. It’s ok to be great; the world needs more magic. So next time you see a symbol that resonates with you, take it as a sign for you to do more.

“Never forget that intelligence rules the world and ignorance carries the burden. Therefore, remove yourself as far from ignorance as possible and seek as far as possible to be intelligent.” – Marcus Garvey

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