(When you know) It’s time to let go: a jobuationship

I recently started a new job; aside from being in the honeymoon phase, I feel the stark difference in motivation to power through my day. When I started my first job in the UK, I was quite intrigued as I was about to immerse myself in an entirely new culture. It was quite easy as everyone was so helpful because, at some point in their life, they were in a similar position. That job was great, but after a year, I wanted career stability, so I opted for a transfer.

From the moment I started my entire mood changed. It was an excellent opportunity; however, the level of toxicity I encountered wasn’t worthwhile. Some people felt stuck/frustrated, and it showed. Also, I felt unchallenged after a couple of months, so I bored most of the time. My boredom did land me a project, during which I realise I enjoyed validations and project management. When the project was over, I was back at square one, but it was a bit hard to leave because I bought a flat, so I didn’t have the option of a dramatic exit.

It was a struggle coming to work each day because I had the worse commute, I was unfulfilled, physically and mentally drained. I never thought I would be a person excited for the end of the day or the weekend. I took steps to apply for jobs and get out of my comfort zone. Within a couple of months, I found a role in my desired field, and it was close to where I lived. I’m happy I leapt because I have more time to focus on myself.

Your body always knows when its time to move on, but based on underlying fears; you choose to stay. I realise this level of change is not possible for everyone, but there are small things you can change to improve the outcome. At least try before you give up.

Pax et Felicitatem,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer

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