The SAD Months

I have been MIA for a week, and I couldn’t be bothered. For those who know me; I am positive, productive, passionate and organised. I feel lethargic and want to sleep all the time. I usually feel this way around winter; when there is less daylight, and it’s cold. I thought I was going crazy, but other people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

I didn’t think this was a thing for I always had warm temperatures in Grenada (over 23 degrees). When I first moved to NY, it was warm, and it was sunny, so things were good. Then it got to November; the temperature dropped considerably and daylight saving time reduced my contact time with the sun. Being at school during most of the day prevented me from getting sun, so I noticed I became more fatigued even though I did everything right.

I thought it was linked to my homesickness, so I ignored it. After winter passed and daylight saving time ended, and I became more energetic and happy. The second winter came, and the same thing happened; I thought this couldn’t be a coincidence. I did my research, spoke to my doctor, and it turns out it’s a thing. I never thought the sunlight could be so important to humans. Melanated people need the sun for vitamin D production as vitamin D aids in the production of melatonin which keeps people happy, among other things.

Now that I’m facing winter again: no sun means I’m at the lowest point in my productivity, so I’m faced with lack of energy. I try multivitamins, exercise, etc., but all I want to do is sleep and eat. Please forgive me if my blogs aren’t consistent. I’m trying my best to keep going. If you have tried anything that works, please pass along!

Pax, Felicitatem et Viribus,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer

2 thoughts on “The SAD Months

  1. Well thank goodness I read this post…..I didn’t even know that was
    a thing (SAD)..
    I’ll package some sun n FedEx it to you when
    But all jokes aside I really do hope you find an effective method in coping with this issue


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