So Long, Farewell (Bisous, Bisous)!

Dear 2019,

Letting go used to be so hard for me because I was petrified of what was coming my way. Taking the time to figure that out helped me to embrace all the unexpected encounters wholeheartedly. I’m no longer scared to let you go; I’m open to the new possibilities that will present itself to me. I’m ready for all the beautiful souls I will cross paths with to help me expand my thinking, the experiences that will aid in my growth to my best self.

You gave me lots and kept me busy. I’m grateful for all the experiences; the people I met, the conversations I had, the ability to wake up and face each day with hope and lack of monotony. I’m grateful for the push to start this blog and all the persons who supported me through reading the post and giving feedback. I’m thankful for reminding me that I have an ambitious spirit and continuously pushed me out of my comfort zones.

It’s been real, and thanks for everything! Even though I won’t see you again, you will always be apart of me!

Pax et Felicitatem,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer

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