The Year of Mass Holistic Expansion

It’s a new year, and I usually like to have a theme to keep me focused as possible. Having a theme works for me because I like structure and organisation. Even though life laughs in my face, and I get some exciting twists having this mantra does help. At the end of the year, I assess whether the theme needs to be updated. Most times, all it needs is a tweak.

With lots of thought, I declare this year to be “The Year of Mass Holistic Expansion.” This means I will continue to do my best and allow myself to grow in all aspects without barriers.

For those who aren’t aware of my previous themes:

  • 2019: The year of gratitude
  • 2018: The year of new leaps
  • 2017: The year of self-actualisation
  • 2016: The year of self-acceptance
  • 2015: The year of 24 – The disappearance of the rose-tinted glasses

Although this year will be “the year of mass holistic expansion,” I will continue to work on the previous themes. They were selected because I felt the need to work on those aspects of my life. Just because I have made massive progress doesn’t mean that I should completely forget them. Encountering these have brought about reflection and, guidance in selecting my subsequent theme. Wish you consistency, peace, hope and mass expansion!

Pax et Felicitatem,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer

2 thoughts on “The Year of Mass Holistic Expansion

  1. I started using themes on my 25th birthday and I agree they provide a sounding board for reflection and progress calculator. All the best with your year and I’ll be right here witnessing your mass expansion, allowing it to inspire and influence my own expansion.


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