Day of Creativity (Part II)

I committed myself to having a monthly “day of creativity”. A day where I would disconnect all devices, be in tuned with nature and release all the words that have been forcefully oppressed. I didn’t know what day I would choose; I thought about the same day each month, but that felt too predictable, and unlike me so I decided to let my body tell me when it was time. Many times I ignored my intuition and regretted it, so now I’m all for listening.

I had booked my birthday off intending to take a trip because I don’t work on my birthday anymore (a story for a future blog). I had the day off, and I had nothing planned because I couldn’t decide on anything and I couldn’t commit an extended trip because I had a workshop the following day. The first option was to do a day trip to somewhere in the UK but there wasn’t anything that stood out enough for me to have the tourist experience plus I didn’t give myself time to research places.

Then it came to me that I should use my birthday as the day to disconnect from the interweb to brew those creative juices. It would coincide with the year 2029 and a full moon. It was indeed a great time to reconnect with ones’ self.

Beatus Manifestationes,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer🦋🦉

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