Words Hurt as Well as Sticks and Stones (Part II)

So many times we say things about ourselves that are so demeaning, and we wonder why things are so unfavourable for us. We put negative energy in the world to multiply and follow us. Even if it’s a joke; the words are still released in the same way. It’s one of the reasons you are to blame for your misfortunes. Be kind to yourself; praise yourself for all the things you have accomplished. You are terrific, and it is time you realise the impact your presence has on the universe.

The negative energy also applies when you say things about others as well. These words may be rooted in a place of jealousy, self-disappointment, anger, conditioning, etc. Everyone goes through their insecurities, and it never helps when you say (hear) something horrible about someone else (yourself) even if it’s a joke. I was talking to someone, and they said that they get bullied on their looks, and it was meant to be a joke. They said they were used to it and I had to remind them that it was not okay even if it was normalised.

Be kind to others; they are as valuable to the universe as you are, and their impact does shape the world as you know it. Words are so powerful that they can uplift or break a person down, which can change the course of their lives in the future. Words are misused so frequently cause we never take the time to understand its origins and potential impact. Challenge yourself to spread positivity with your power for you are powerful creatures.

Beatus Manifestationes,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer🦋🦉