5 Ways to Find Your True North [Repost]

There is an old Greek parable that states, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” Ideally, the fox is cunning and has many tricks under its sleeves. It plays dead, it races, it pounces, to catch the hedgehog for its meal. The hedgehog, on the other hand, is quiet and […]

5 Ways to Find Your True North

One thought on “5 Ways to Find Your True North [Repost]

  1. Are you where you envisioned yourself five years ago?  If yes, then you may have found your true north.

    The true north of internal world directs you towards ultimate inner destiny ie enlightenment. It has nothing to do with 5 year plan or so.

    When you know the observer, then you will get acquainted with your true being. When you know your true being, it will be easy for you to find your true north.

    If below is true in respect to above statement then what you are calling as true being is also not the real true being but pseudo one created by mind. Mind is also like Fox and true being is hedgehog here. Knowing it is becoming a CEO or you enter into your lost kingdom of God as King.

    It is not enough to know your true being. You need to ensure that your true being is the CEO of your internal world.

    Conscious awareness entails being aware of the following states.
    What am I feeling?
    I’m really conscious awareness of internal world there left no ‘I’

    It seems what your are talking about internal true being is of mind. Yes it is not what people see you ie body so it is internal in that sense.
    When you use consciousness, awareness and meditation with this word it creates conflict because it is inner most true being ie soul. It is beyond body and mind. Meditation helps you to find your lost kingdom of God, during adolescent age. In childhood everyone lives it that is why Jesus said that those who are childlike only they can enter the kingdom of God within them-innermost true being.


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