Affirmation Monday (07122020)

Whenever I was alone, I would be thinking about what it would be like if I were never born. When I did this, I never thought about the contribution I made but dwelled on my failures. As a result, I concluded that I was insignificant. I kept this belief until I truly started to love myself. I realised that my power was tied to my self worth; so once I started changing the narrative, the outcome was better.

I realised that my presence affected so many people; I listened, always tried to make others smile and offered assistance (where possible). I had to remember that we, as humans, are interconnected and the simplest things we do affect others. It’s so easy to get carried away into believing that we are solo travellers due to the social media craze. However, this aspect should be taken into consideration much more as our reach is wider and sometimes instantaneous.

I’m now mindful of all the energy I put out into the world for it is important that others feel worthy. The way you act towards someone can change the course of the world. I am using my influence to uplift others as I believe that the level of abundance you acquire is based on how much you help others.

Best Wishes and Be Safe!

Happy Manifesting,
Nomadic (Free) Spirit

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