The Year of Alignment (with Success, Creativity & Abundance)

This year’s theme was easy as the word alignment kept appearing in my thoughts and conversations. If you know me, I am a big believer in signs and synchronicities, so this was a no-brainer. In choosing my theme, I had to be specific with my intention as the universe does not distinguish.

I am planning to align my myself with greatness (in all forms). I am networking and collaborating with persons that will transform my vision into reality. I have lots of ideas floating around in my mind, and sometimes I need to take a step back to organise my thoughts. Hopefully, I’ll find persons that can help me develop the ideas. 

I hope this year will push me to outdo myself. I’m so eager to see what it brings! I welcome the positive people in my life that will help me grow and kindly ask the others to step aside so I can shine. Follow me to the end of the year to hear the update; I promise you it will be juicy. 

Some of my previous themes were:

  • 2020: The year of mass holistic expansion 
  • 2019: The year of gratitude
  • 2018: The year of new leaps
  • 2017: The year of self-actualisation
  • 2016: The year of self-acceptance
  • 2015: The year of 24 — The disappearance of the rose-tinted glasses

Happy Manifesting,
Nomadic (Free) Spirit

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