Affirmation Monday (18012021)

Last year brought about a cleansing mode; I had the urge to purge all the things and people that did not fit my image. This was an entirely new space for me, and boy was it hard. I was forced to let go of all the things that brought comfort and stagnation in my life.

The journey showed me that comfort brought nothing but conformity wrapped up in the lie that you’ll lose everything if you risk it all. I needed to be demolished to rebuild correctly. I was taught, directly and indirectly, to live in fear and play it safe. Even though many times, I wanted to leave the comforts of giving in appealed to me more. When it all came crashing down, it was painful, but it was needed for the path that was needed to be forged.

As I start this journey, I am curious about the direction of life. Based on the people I have in my life, I can say it will be a good experience. I am preparing myself holistically to receive all the blessings that are meant to come my way. There are days when I am overwhelmed with doubt and question myself for taking this leap, but I realise everyone is faced with this challenge when they are entering into a new space. It all comes down to your conscious and subconscious mind challenging you to see if you are serious about your decisions.

The law (Lord) will be with me every step of the way as long as I continue to believe the journey is worth taking. My guides will not falter in offering protection.

Happy Manifesting!
Nomadic (Free) Spirit

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