Pax et Felicitatem,
Nomadic Free Spirit


YOU need to be the one to make things happen in your life. YOU are responsible for so many things that happen. Time to own up to your power and change the dynamics.

Pax et Felicitatem,
Nomadic Free Spirit


You owe it to yourself to know that side of you that is truly happy.

Beatus Manifestationes,
Nomadic Free Spirit

My Poetry Challenge

I thought it! I said it out loud! I did it!

As part of my theme this year, I wanted to push myself towards writing more poetry. I convinced my friend that we should do a writing challenge; we would alternate picking themes for the month, write at least three poems and send them as voice notes or messages to each other. My friend agreed, and we went on our 2020 journey. The theme for January was “Having the Strength to Let Go,” decided by yours truly!

At the end of January; we exchanged and listened/read. I was in awe by our creativity and amazingness. I would say I’m a good poet, but my friend is an amazingly creative being. Every time I read her poems, I’m intrigued by her use of words to convey her emotion! She is truly my poetry twin aside from being one of my closest friends! We continue to inspire and motive each other when it comes to writing, and without her motivation, I wouldn’t be able to share this poem:

For the Love of Happiness

She wakes up, and I bleed
I don’t understand why she allows me to do this
She forces herself to wake up to succumb to the mental enslavement, wake up to repeat the same tasks as yesterday in the name of a job
Brain says she needs this entrapment for survival, but I disagree
For all the times we have argued, this has been the worst; a body divided, a dream destroyed
I feel weaker each day; Heart cracks and the butterflies which once occupied the stomach turned into shards wounding her from the inside.
I was on the attack to gain as many supports to defeat Brain
He thought it was a good thing for one reason; it was a job, and that job was the reason we were able to live
It was a valid point, but it was just one.
That point reiterated as if it was the only job for her
I sensed that this reason was laced with fear, for whenever I spoke about the topic, I felt attacked.
I persisted. I fought. I won.
I fought logic with logic. I offered solutions, and it was agreed upon.
I got to be happy again, Brain felt a new form of security, and she was able to move on from a place she outgrew months ago.

Dara Pierre

The Theme for February is “The Comeback,” if you want to join us!

Beatus Manifestationes,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer


Knowing your worth is being able to know when your body and mind needs rest!

Pax et Felicitatem,
Nomadic Mind Wanderer 😘

When you know (To Have The Talk)

There is a point in your life when you need to have an earnest conversation with yourself about your life. It becomes evident that you need to do it as everything becomes a bit disoriented, and you need to make sense of what’s going on.

I had that conversation around 25; it was just around the time I finished university, so I needed to figure out my next step.

The need to have this conversation presented itself long before I completed my Bachelor’s. However, I avoided it because I thought I had enough time (and I was a bit of a procrastinator). Not surprising, time crept up on me, and I found myself in a negativity space at which time I forced myself to do it. It was hard in the beginning, as I didn’t want to accept certain things about myself. However, once I welcomed specific roles, it became more comfortable for me to understand my contributions to the world.

The main questions were:

  • What brings joy in my life?
  • Am I excited to get up in the morning?
  • Do I feel motivated throughout the day?
  • Do I daydream a lot?
  • Am I overly excited when Friday comes?
  • What interests me, careerwise?
  • What order do they fall in? (As it’s always good to have a back-up plan).
  • When would I allow myself to move on to plan B, C, etc.?
  • What’s my 5/10 year plan? Allow wiggle room for this one as no one can tell the future.

Answering these questions truthfully will take some time, so don’t rush the process, but allow regular reflection time. Search the internet, talk to mentors, pray/meditate, do fun activities. Your mind needs to be clear for such important decisions like these.

Purpose Achieved or Purpose Unfilled…

Recently I have been drawn to writing stuff, hence the birth of the blog; I always got this nagging sensation to write words down. If I didn’t do it, I just saw words replay in my mind until I wrote it down. The night before I started writing about this topic, I recited the words for this post. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was between sleep and wake, but it just flowed. To me, when it comes to writing; the words are released so quickly. When something happens so naturally, that’s your calling, and you should do it.

We become distracted by these shimmering things of the world that we lose our qualities. We forgot about all the things that we loved doing as a child and get caught up in the monotony of adult life. Don’t forget how amazing you are! Don’t forget that your life is a purpose waiting to be fulfilled!

I think the worst thing a person can experience is a life without purpose. You get all these jobs, and you become bored quickly because the “honeymoon phase” is over and you are on autopilot again. As adults, we get jobs because of financial commitments, and we allow it to consume us. Consume us to the point where we lose ourselves and count down the days until we are temporarily released from its stronghold. Let’s find time to work on hobbies so we can find our purpose.

We deserved to be happy in this life; that should be your definition of happy. This may be running home to sleep, dancing, painting or volunteering. Don’t let society’s standard of happiness keep you searching for more. Everyone has quirks; understand them, nurture them and make them blossom because these are the tools that would help you find your purpose and lead you to your tribe.